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Ashley is a highly creative and experimental director, illustrator, designer, and animator with great attention to detail. 

Alongside a BS in Computer Graphics and Animation, Ashley has 16+ years of experience working in studios, inspiring university students, and collaborating with stand-alone artists, major clients, and agencies.


Her passion and commitment have also inspired her to co-found Waraq: an artistic and cultural non-profit organization, based in Beirut. A few years on, Ashley has contributed to establishing a strong growing community of 26,000 artists from varying disciplines around the world.


Ashley's devotion to developing her interpersonal and multi-disciplinary skills has channeled her interests to workshops, courses, and expos both locally and internationally; From illustration to intercultural dialogue, from music to dance and theater, and from stop motion to feature film animation.

Having lived and worked in diverse cultural and artistic milieus between Beirut, Dubai, and the US, Ashley has gained a rich awareness of varying styles of communication, body language, and humor.  She allows these observations to inform her daily work.


Through all of life's inevitable ups and downs, Ashley maintains a positive attitude and ensures that the atmosphere stays constructive even when the going gets tough.


Ashley is always interested in a conversation.

So start one here.




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